Mobil Pegasus 805

An oil for gas engines with very high performance properties and designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern four-stroke high-power engines with reduced harmful emissions and fuel consumption. These gas engines usually operate under high load and at high temperature. Mobil Pegasus 805 oil is based on the highest quality base oils and a progressive package of low-ash additives that provide exceptionally high oxidative and thermal stability and resistance to nitration. The low-ash composition of this oil has the same performance characteristics as oils with a higher ash content, but it is devoid of disadvantages associated with increased ash content. Therefore, Mobil Pegasus 805 provides excellent protection of chamfers, seats and guide valves. The detergent-dispersing system of this oil counteracts the formation of carbon deposits, varnish and sludge, providing a higher degree of engine cleanliness, a longer service life of the oil and a reduction in filter costs.

Mobil Pegasus 805 is also designed to provide excellent protection of pistons from scuffing and chafing and prevent wear of rings and cylinder liners. It has very high anti-foam properties, good demulsifying ability and protects against corrosion. Its composition contains a very small amount of zinc and phosphorus, so it is compatible with engines equipped with catalytic converters of exhaust gases, which require the use of low-ash oils.


High- and medium-speed four-stroke engines with and without turbocharging, manufactured by Caterpillar, Superior, Waukesha, etc., which require low-ash oil,
Engines subject to wear of chamfers and valve seats,
Four-stroke engines running on depleted and stoichiometric fuel mixtures,
Engines equipped with catalytic converters of exhaust gases,
Engines running on alternative fuels with low sulfur or chlorine content,
In the fields during assembly operations, where sulfur dioxide with a low H2S content is used as fuel.


Exceptionally high resistance to oxidation and nitriding,
Progressive technology - low-ash additive system,
Excellent protection against wear and tear,
Excellent detergent-dispersing characteristics,
Very effective corrosion protection.