It is a product with premium performance characteristics, mainly intended for the lubrication of spindles in machine tools. Mobil Velocite Oil No. 6 is also used in some critical hydraulic, circulation systems and in overhead distribution lines of lubricating oil, where the selection of oil of the appropriate viscosity class is required. Its composition consists of high-quality low-viscosity base oils and additives that give them good oxidation resistance and protection against rust and corrosion. Mobil Velocite Oil No. 6 has very good resistance to foaming and water-separating properties.


High-speed spindle bearings in machine tools and equipment where high speeds and very precise clearances are required.
Precision grinding, turning, drilling and boring machines and copying mechanisms.
Spindle bearings of bushing type with large gaps.
Low-pressure hydraulic systems, where the appropriate viscosity is selected.
Some sensitive instruments, such as telescopes, laboratory equipment, etc.


Mobil Velocite Oil No. 6 provides exceptional lubrication of high-precision bearings, which allows the bearings to be kept cold during operation and helps to maintain the precision required for many modern precision machines. Despite the fact that Mobil Velocite Oil No. 6 was originally intended for spindle bearings, it has the necessary properties for use as hydraulic and circulating oil in low-pressure systems, if the viscosity is correctly selected. This feature can help in minimizing the costs of the inventory range and reduce the potential for misuse of the product.

Good oxidation resistance. Reduces the formation of deposits on critical surfaces. Increases the service life of the oil.
Very good protection against rust and corrosion. Increases the service life of the equipment. Provides increased accuracy in long-term operation.
Effective water separation. Prevents the formation of an emulsion. Eliminates the presence of moisture in critical lubrication areas. Allows you to easily remove moisture from the system tanks.