An oil with very high performance properties, developed for use in steam and hydraulic turbines, as well as other circulation systems where a long service life of the lubricant is required. The composition of the Mobil DTE Oil Light lubricant is based on deep-cleaning base oils and an additive system that provides an extremely high level of chemical and thermal stability, rapid and complete separation from water and high resistance to emulsification. It provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion, including resistance to salt water, and has good anti-wear properties. Mobil DTE Oil Light oil has a high viscosity index, which ensures minimal change in the thickness of the lubricating film with temperature changes and minimal loss of power during the heating period. This grade of oil has excellent deaerating properties, which makes it possible to separate the entrained air, excluding cavitation of pumps and violation of the operating mode.

Mobil DTE Oil Light is indispensable for consumers due to its excellent reputation as a product that provides long service life, excellent protection of equipment and very high versatility of application in a wide range of industrial equipment. Mobil DTE Oil Light is used in steam turbines and hydraulic turbines equipped with spray lubrication systems, immersion, oil ring bearings, as well as in other lubrication systems with continuous circulation, including pumps, valves and auxiliary equipment. The product is recommended for continuous lubrication of sliding and rolling bearings and gears with parallel shafts. Mobil DTE Oil Light is also successfully used in some gas turbines and turbochargers, as well as in vacuum pumps. Its reputation is based on many decades of successful operation and positive feedback from consumers.


Mobil DTE Oil Light is a circulating oil with very high performance characteristics, designed for use in equipment where a long service life of the lubricant is required. Specific areas of application are:

Circulation systems of land and ship steam turbines, hydraulic turbines and some gas turbines, including pumps, valves and other auxiliary equipment
Continuous lubrication of sliding bearings, rolling bearings and gears with parallel shafts
Turbines lubricated by spraying, immersion, ring lubrication or other methods of oil supply
Hydraulic pumps of moderate rigidity of operating conditions.
Compressors and vacuum pumps that supply air and inert gases in which the outlet temperature does not exceed 150C.


Very high level of thermal and chemical stability and resistance to sludge and varnish formation;
Excellent water-separating properties;
Very good wear protection;
Long-term protection against rust and corrosion;
High resistance to foaming and excellent deaerating properties;
High flexibility in application-the possibility of versatile application.