Mobil DTE 26 ULTRA ISO 68

Mobil DTE™ 20 Ultra series oils are hydraulic anti-wear oils with high performance characteristics that extend the service life, demonstrating an increase in the oil change interval by half compared to similar oils (*). These oils have been developed to meet the stringent requirements of high-pressure hydraulic systems, where high-performance high-pressure pumps are used, and other components of hydraulic systems, such as high-precision servo valves and numerical control machine tools (CNC). The products demonstrate resistance to oxidation and thermal decomposition, ensuring a long service life of the oil and minimizing the formation of deposits in harsh conditions, and in hydraulic systems in harsh operating conditions, with the use of high-performance high-pressure pumps. Clean operation prevents malfunctions of critical elements of hydraulic systems, such as servo and proportional valves with small gaps, used in many modern hydraulic systems. These products meet the most stringent performance requirements in a wide range of manufacturers of hydraulic systems and components, which makes it possible to use a single product with highly efficient performance characteristics. (*) with a viscosity index of about 100 and a zinc-based anti-wear additive system that meets the requirements of at least ISO 11158 (L-HM) and (or) DIN 51524-2 (type HLP)


• Hydraulic systems where sediment control is critical, and systems where sludge and deposits are formed when using traditional products • Hydraulic systems where the ability to withstand high loads and wear protection is required, and where corrosion protection with a thin film of oil is preferred • Systems where the presence of a small amount of water is unavoidable.

• Systems containing gears and bearings

• Machines where a wide range of components made of various metals are used