Mobil SHC 629 ISO 150

The Mobil SHC 600 series is an oil for gearboxes and bearings with high performance characteristics designed to provide reliable protection, increase the service life and uninterrupted operation of equipment in order to increase the productivity of industrial enterprises.

Mobil SHC 600 series products have effective low-temperature properties, as well as an improved ability of oils of low viscosity classes to separate air. They are resistant to mechanical shear even when used in heavily loaded gearboxes and bearings, and at the same time they practically do not lose viscosity.

Due to the molecular structure of the base oils used in Mobil SHC 600 series products, their adhesion coefficient is low. This ensures low liquid friction in the load zone of the contacting working surfaces of the parts, for example, in gears and rolling bearings. Low liquid friction reduces operating temperatures and increases the efficiency of gears, reducing energy consumption. During controlled tests in the laboratory, Mobil SHC 600 series oils demonstrated an increase in energy efficiency up to 3.6%.

The composition of Mobil SHC 600 series oils provides resistance to oxidation and deposition at high temperatures, resistance to rust and corrosion, very good anti-wear, demulsifying, anti-foam and deaerating properties, as well as compatibility with various metals. Mobil SHC 600 series oils are also well compatible with seals and other materials used in equipment usually lubricated with mineral oils.

The energy efficiency of Mobil SHC 600 oils is determined with respect to their performance characteristics only when compared with standard (mineral) oils of the same viscosity class when used in circulation systems and gears. The applied technology makes it possible to increase energy efficiency by up to 3.6% compared to control samples when tested in a worm gear under controlled conditions. The increase in energy efficiency depends on the specific operating conditions and application.