The product is an ash-free lubricant for air compressors with premium performance characteristics designed to meet the stringent requirements of the largest compressor manufacturers. It is based on high-quality mineral base oils and a highly efficient additive system that provides an exceptionally high degree of equipment protection and reliable operation of compressors operated in conditions from normal to harsh. Mobil Rarus 427 provides excellent wear protection and reduces operating costs by minimizing problems in the operation of equipment and the formation of deposits and their entrainment into post-treatment systems. Due to the high test results on the FZG gear stand, Mobil Rarus 427 oil is an excellent lubricant for compressor systems using gears and bearings, which makes it indispensable for use as crankcase and cylinder oils. Mobil Rarus 427 exceeds the requirements of DIN 51506 VD-L standards and has a very high resistance to oxidation and sediment formation. It is recommended or approved by many leading compressor manufacturers.


Mobil Rarus 427 is recommended for single-stage and multi-stage air compressors. It is especially effective for continuously operating compressors operated at high temperatures up to 150 C on the discharge line. It is suitable for reciprocating and rotary machines, and less viscous grades are mainly used in rotary compressors. This oil is recommended for use in installations where previously there was an increased degree of oil aging, poor valve operation or the formation of deposits. It is compatible with all metals used in compressor designs and with elastomers compatible with mineral oils used in seals, sealing rings and gaskets. Mobil Rarus 427 oil is not recommended for use in respiratory air compressors. The following types of compressors show excellent performance when using Mobil Rarus 427 oil:

Crankcases and cylinders of reciprocating air compressors
Rotary screw compressors
Rotary plate compressors
Axial and centrifugal compressors
Compressor systems with loaded gears and bearings
Compressors used in stationary and mobile installations.


The use of Mobil Rarus 427 can lead to a higher degree of purity of compressors and to a reduction in deposits compared to conventional mineral oils, which ensures longer repair runs. Its excellent thermal-oxidative stability reliably ensures an increase in the service life of the lubricant while preventing the formation of sludge and deposits. It has excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties, which increases the service life of the equipment and its operational characteristics.

Low tendency to the formation of carbon deposits and carbon deposits. Improves the performance of valves. Reduces the formation of deposits in the discharge lines. Reducing the potential for fire and explosion hazards in injection systems. Improving the operational characteristics of compressors.
Excellent thermal-oxidative stability. Longer service life of the oil.Extended service life of filters. Reduced operating costs.
High load-bearing capacity. Reduction of wear of rings, cylinders, bearings and gears.
Excellent water-separating ability. Less entrainment in subsequent equipment. Reduction of sludge formation in crankcases and injection lines. Reduction of clogging of coagulator filters. Reduction of the emulsion formation potential.
Effective protection against rust and corrosion. Improved valve protection and reduced wear of piston rings and cylinders.