Mobilube HD 85W 140

Highly efficient oil for heavily loaded gears, created from high-quality base oils and an improved additive package. This oil is designed for highly loaded axles and main gears, in which there are increased pressures and shock loads. It provides excellent performance where the GL-5 API property level is required.


Heavy-duty manual transmissions, axles, axles and final gears where the use of lubricant according to API GL-5 specification is required.
Passenger cars and small trucks; Commercial vehicles operating in harsh conditions
Off-road equipment in construction, mining and agriculture
Other gearboxes, steering mechanisms and continuously variable transmissions.
Other industrial and automotive applications in which hypoid transmissions are used when the following conditions prevail: high speeds and shock loads, high speeds and low torques and/or low speeds and high torques


Excellent temperature stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation;
Excellent protection against slipping, bullying due to high temperatures, wear due to low speeds/high loads;
Excellent corrosion and rust protection;
Excellent lubrication at low temperatures;
Compatible with standard automotive gaskets and seals