Mobil Nuto H 32 ISO 32

Hydraulic fluid with high anti-wear properties, designed for industrial and automotive equipment, where these properties are particularly in demand. It is based on high-quality base oils and a specially selected additive system. As a result, the resulting product has many necessary features that improve the operational characteristics of the equipment and increase its service life. Mobil Nuto H 32 oil is designed to improve the performance of components and parts of hydraulic systems in a wide range, operated in conditions from moderate to severe. Its high level of oxidation resistance and chemical resistance helps to prevent the formation of deposits and reduces the likelihood of system failures and valve jamming. It provides a long service life of the oil/filters and optimal protection of the equipment, reducing both operating costs and the cost of disposal of waste products. It provides good protection against rust and corrosion when working in environments with high humidity or in cases where low moisture levels are unavoidable. The oil easily separates water and has good deaerating properties. The product meets the operational requirements of a wide range of hydraulic systems and components and parts supplied by equipment manufacturers.


Systems using gear, blade, radial and axial piston pumps, for which hydraulic oils with anti-wear properties are recommended.
Hydraulic systems in which contamination or leakage is unavoidable.
Systems in which the ingress of water in small quantities is inevitable, and this water can damage the components and parts of the system.
Systems containing gears and bearings that require moderate anti-wear characteristics.
Systems in need of high load-bearing capacity and wear protection.
Systems in which corrosion protection with a thin lubricating film is an essential requirement, for example, systems that contain water in small quantities.
Machines in which many components and parts are made of various alloys.

Mobil Nuto H 32 oil helps to reduce the potential for wear and corrosion, especially in the presence of water or moisture. Its excellent oxidation resistance and chemical stability allows you to increase the intervals of oil change and filter replacement. Its high level of anti-wear properties leads to exceptionally high operational characteristics of the equipment, as a result of which not only a reduction in cases of equipment failure is achieved, but also its productivity increases. Its good demulsifying ability allows the oil to be used in systems contaminated with a small amount of water, although it easily copes with the separation of large volumes of water.

Excellent anti-wear properties that reduce the wear of pumps and increase their service life.
Reducing the tendency to sludge and sediment formation in high-precision nodes, for example, in servo valves.
High operational characteristics and stable operation of hydraulic systems due to rapid air separation, very good foaming prevention and good water separation capabilities.
An exceptionally high degree of corrosion protection reduces the negative impact of moisture on the components and parts of the system.
Excellent filterability to prevent clogging of filters even in the presence of water.
Effective oxidation resistance and chemical stability make it possible to extend the service life of the oil and filters.