Mobil Glygoyle 460 ISO 460

Mobil Glygoyle lubricants are highly efficient oils for gearboxes, bearings and compressors, which provide high lubrication efficiency, as well as a long service life of the oil and reliable protection of equipment. These fully synthetic polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricants have been developed for use in conditions that exceed the possibilities of using mineral oils. The low pour point ensures fluidity at low temperatures.


- Highly effective extreme pressure properties and wear protection of critical parts and equipment components;

- High level of protection of critical gears from micropitting

- Protection against rust and corrosion during operation;

- Resistance to foaming;

- Effective lubricity characteristic of fully synthetic lubricants;

- Low coefficient of friction, which increases energy efficiency and reduces the average volumetric temperature of the oil and system;

- Very good thermal-oxidative stability, reducing the formation of sludge and deposits.