Shell Rimula R6 М 10W-40

Shell Rimula R6 M synthetic oil provides a high level of protection against wear, carbon deposits and deposits, allows you to save fuel and operating costs by increasing replacement intervals. Suitable for use in Euro 4 and 5 engines not equipped with particulate filters.

Operational qualities, Distinctive features and Advantages

· Reduced maintenance costs Shell Rimula R6 M oil is designed to meet the requirements of leading engine manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo and others in terms of service life, which allows operators to optimize the maintenance schedule and increase the operational readiness of machines without compromising their resource.

· Exceptional purity of pistons Shell Rimula R6 M engine oil uses a high-tech additive package that has proven the Shell Rimula range of lubricants as contributing to an increased level of piston cleanliness. This is vital for the long-term operation of the engine. Low wear – long service life of the engine

· Shell Rimula R6 M oil meets the wear protection requirements of many European, American and Japanese engines, preventing cylinder polishing and valve timing wear, which as a result prolongs the service life of the engine.

· Fuel economy Shell Rimula R6 M helps to reduce cash costs due to better fuel economy compared to more viscous oils.

Scope of Application

· Shell Rimula R6 M mainline vehicles are particularly suitable for a wide range of trucks and buses with modern environmentally friendly Mercedes-Benz and MAN engines. The oil meets and even exceeds the requirements of other manufacturers such as Volvo, Deutz, Iveco, Cummins, Mack.

· Low-toxic Shell Rimula R6 M engines meet the requirements of most European engine manufacturers of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards without particulate filters. For Scania engines, we recommend Shell Rimula R6 MS oil. For better performance and protection of the latest environmentally friendly engines, especially with diesel particulate filter (DPF), we recommend using our Shell Rimula R6 LM/ Shell Rimula Ultra oil.