Shell Tellus S2 VX ISO 32

Моторные масла для легковых автомобилей
Shell Tellus S2 VX are highly efficient hydraulic fluids based on Group II base oils that provide excellent protection and efficiency over a wide temperature range. The oils have a high resistance to destruction under the influence of thermal or mechanical loads, are ideal for most mobile and other equipment operated in a wide temperature range.

Operational qualities, Distinctive features and Advantages
Long service life of hydraulic fluid - reduced operating costs

· Due to its resistance to thermal and chemical decomposition, Shell Tellus S2 VX hydraulic fluids allow for longer intervals between service operations, minimize the formation of deposits and ensure greater reliability and cleanliness of the hydraulic system. Shell Tellus S2 VX hydraulic fluids have good stability in the presence of moisture, which guarantees their long service life and reduces the risk of corrosion and rust, especially in conditions of high humidity. Stable viscosity modifiers help to minimize changes in the properties of hydraulic fluids during their service life

· Excellent wear protection Tellus S2 VX hydraulic fluids are designed to meet the requirements of hydraulic systems in the future, including high pressure testing at the FZG stand (FLS 11 and ISO VG 32). They also demonstrate excellent results in the rigorous tests of Denison T6H20C (in dry and wet conditions) and Eaton Vickers 35VQ25. Shell Tellus S2 VX hydraulic fluids can help extend the service life of the entire system.

· Maintaining the efficiency of the system Excellent filterability, a high degree of oil purity class 20/18/15 or cleaner according to ISO 4406 (measured during bottling) reduces the impact of contamination on the blocking of filters, extending the service life of filters and strengthening the protection of equipment. Shell Tellus S2 VX fluids quickly separate air without excessive foaming, which helps to ensure more efficient energy transfer to the hydraulic system and minimize the effect of cavitation, which contributes to the oxidation of hydraulic fluid and reduces the service life of equipment.

Scope of Application

· Mobile/external hydraulic systems Hydraulic systems and drives operating outdoors may be subject to significant temperature changes. The high viscosity index of Shell Tellus S2 VX ensures adequate fluid performance from cold start conditions to heavy work with full load.

· Precision hydraulic systems Precision hydraulic systems require good viscosity-temperature properties of the fluid throughout the work cycle. Shell Tellus S2 VX hydraulic fluid has these properties and guarantees better viscosity-temperature stability compared to many ISO HM type fluids.

· Hydraulic systems of marine water separation equipment, excellent deaeration and anti-foam characteristics allow you to maintain a high level or increase the efficiency of hydraulic systems. Optimization of friction characteristics helps to reduce the negative effects of intermittent sliding. Suitable for marine equipment requiring the use of hydraulic fluids of the ISO HV category