High-quality oil for air compressors, designed for effective lubrication of high-pressure reciprocating compressors. Suitable for most reciprocating air compressors operating at elevated pressures and temperatures of the injected air up to 220 °C.


Industrial reciprocating compressors operating at air injection temperatures up to 220°C
Compressors that supply breathing air and are equipped with additional cleaning devices that guarantee the suitability of the produced air for breathing.

Shell Corena S2 P 100 oil is compatible with all sealing materials that are commonly used in air compressors.


Shell Corena S2 P 100 allows you to increase the intervals between maintenance of valves and pistons. At the same time, the time of effective operation of the equipment at a consistently high level is significantly increased. The possibility of increasing the intervals between maintenance is due to the oil's resistance to the formation of carbon deposits and varnishes on valves and piston heads at high operating temperatures and pressures.
Shell Corena S2 P 100 helps to protect the internal metal surfaces of equipment parts from corrosion and wear, thereby increasing the service life of the most important parts - bearings and pistons.
Shell Corena S2 P 100 oil helps prevent the formation of carbon and varnish deposits on valves and piston heads at high operating temperatures and pressures. The formation of such deposits can lead to serious damage, reduce the efficiency of the compressor and increase
maintenance costs. In addition, Shell Corena S2 P 100 separates water well, preventing accelerated corrosion and facilitating condensate separation.
Rust particles dispersed in carbon deposits, under the influence of the heat of compressed air in the injection lines, can cause reactions leading to an explosion and fire. The use of Shell Corena S2 P 100 oil reduces this possibility to a minimum.