The oil is specially developed for sliding guides.

The oil is produced on the basis of highly refined mineral oils and contains additives that increase “stickiness”, anti-wear and anti-shock properties. The oil is especially recommended for low-speed machines designed to perform high-precision operations, as well as for machines with a combined lubrication system.


Sliding guides of machines, tables and feeding mechanisms
The oil is designed for use with most materials commonly used as the working surfaces of machine slide guides, including cast iron and synthetic materials.
Hydraulic systems of machine tools. It is especially recommended for installations having a combined hydraulic system and a guide lubrication system.
Gearboxes and machine spindles.


Excellent anti-shock properties. Specially designed to prevent the abrupt movement characteristic of low-speed calipers and tables operating at low speeds, providing more accurate positioning. Thus, an improvement in the quality of the treated surface and the accuracy of machining parts is achieved.
The oil was developed in cooperation with leading machine tool manufacturers. Meets
the requirements of the most modern machines, the guides of which are made of a variety of materials.
It provides good adhesion to the surfaces of the guides, resistance to flushing of the STS and, as a result, a reduction in consumption and ensuring more uniform working conditions of the machine.
It is completely separated from water-soluble STS, forming an easily removable film on the surface.
Provides a high level of wear protection for guides, gears, bearings and hydraulic system parts, which makes the product particularly suitable for equipment with a combined lubrication system.
Provides effective protection of the surface of all metal parts of machine tools in the presence of water-soluble STS.