Shell Morlina S2 BL 10 oil based on low-viscosity mineral base oils of selective purification and a package of skink-free additives ensures long-term efficient operation of high-speed machine spindles.


Shell Morlina S2 BL 10 oil is suitable for a wide range of machine lubrication systems, including oil-lubricated sliding and rolling bearings.
Especially suitable for high-speed machine tool spindles.

Shell Morlina S2 BL 10 oil is compatible with all sealing materials and paint coatings commonly used when working with mineral oils.


Thanks to a well-proven additive package with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, Shell Morlina S2 BL 10 oil has a high resistance to oxidation caused by heating the oil in the presence of air, water and metal catalysts such as copper. In addition, the oil has an extended service life and helps to reduce maintenance costs.
A special additive package allows for effective anti-wear characteristics, the absence of reactions with metal surfaces of bearings and an increase in the efficiency of the equipment. In addition, the additive package enhances the natural protective and anticorrosive properties of oils and helps to increase the service life of bearings.
The low-viscosity components of Shell Morlina S2 BL 10 oil have been carefully selected to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation of high-speed equipment parts and minimize friction losses.