A high-quality multipurpose lubricant with excellent extreme pressure properties, produced on the basis of a mixture of mineral oils with a high viscosity index and lithium hydroxystearate as a thickener. The formulation includes extreme pressure and other additives that increase the effectiveness of lubrication in various applications. Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 lubricant is designed for rolling and sliding bearings, as well as hinges and sliding surfaces, widely used in industrial and transport equipment.


Bearings of general industrial application, working in harsh conditions.
Heavy-loaded torsion plain bearings operating under harsh conditions, including shock loads in conditions of high humidity.
Bearings operated at 75% of the maximum rotational speed and temperature range from -20°C to 100°C (can withstand short-term loads at 120°C).


Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 grease contains extreme pressure additives that ensure their ability to withstand heavy and shock loads without destroying the oil film.
It is especially important in vibration conditions, where low mechanical stability can lead to softening of the lubricant and, as a result, to a significant decrease in performance and leakage of lubricant.
The formulation of ShellGadusS2 V220 2 ensures its high resistance to water washout.
It is provided with high oxidative stability of carefully selected base oils. The consistency of the lubricant does not change during storage, the lubricants are operable at high temperatures and do not form deposits on the bearing surfaces.
The ShellGadusS2 V220 2 lubricant has a high affinity for metals, which helps protect the bearing surfaces from corrosion even when the lubricant is watered.