Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-40

Shell Rimula R4 X oil is designed to maintain the performance of the engine and oil throughout its service life. All this ensures a reduction in maintenance costs and increases the reliability of the engine. Shell Rimula R4 X is suitable for use in most engines of heavy road and off-road vehicles.

Operational qualities, Distinctive features and Advantages

· Neutralizing ability Shell Rimula R4 X has excellent neutralizing ability, reducing the rate of acid formation and controlling corrosion of engine bearings. Harmful acids formed during the combustion of fuel are neutralized by carefully selected detergent additives, which helps to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces.

· Reduced engine wear Shell Rimula R4 X provides excellent engine wear protection in critical areas of the valve mechanism and cylinder liner. The wear level is reduced by adding anti-wear additives that form a protective film when two metal surfaces come into contact, and by using dispersing additives that retain soot particles in the oil volume.

· Sediment formation control The use of Shell Rimula R4 X avoids oil thickening and the formation of harmful deposits in all areas of the engine - both for oil in the crankcase and for thin oil films in the area of piston rings. The effective detergent and dispersing additives used in Rimula R4 X clean the engine significantly better than Shell Rimula R3 products.

Scope of Application

Heavy-duty diesel engines of heavy machinery

· Shell Rimula R4 X provides reliable protection and operation of the latest heavy-duty diesel engines of European, American and Japanese manufacturers, both for highway and off-road operation. High-tech engines with low emissions

Shell Rimula R4 X is suitable for use in most modern low-emission engines of Euro 5, 4, 3, 2 and US 2002 standards. For the most modern eco-friendly engines, especially those equipped with particulate filters, we recommend using Shell Rimula R4 L or Shell Rimula R5 LE products.