Shell Turbo Oil T 46 has long been considered the "standard" among industrial turbine oils. Based on this reputation, Shell Turbo T 46 family oil has been upgraded to meet the requirements of the most modern steam turbine systems and lightly loaded gas turbines, which do not require a high level of anti-wear properties in the oil. Shell Turbo T46 is made from high-quality, hydrotreated base oils with a composition of zinc-free additives, which provides excellent oxidative stability, protection against rust and corrosion, low tendency to foaming and excellent demulsifying properties.


For the lubrication of industrial steam turbines and lightly loaded gas turbines, which do not require a high level of anti-wear properties in the oil for gearboxes.
For lubrication of hydraulic turbines
In various equipment requiring the use of oils with high anticorrosive and antioxidant properties
For lubrication of turbochargers, if the use of turbine oil is recommended.


The use of base oils with good oxidative stability, together with a package of antioxidant additives, provides high stability to oxidation. As a result, the service life of the oil increases, the formation of corrosive aggressive acids, deposits and sludge is minimized, and operating costs are reduced.
The composition of the oil includes silicone-free anti-foam additives that inhibit foaming. This property, together with rapid deaeration, reduces the possibility of problems such as pump cavitation, excessive wear and premature oxidation of the oil, ensuring more reliable operation of the system.
The excess water characteristic of steam turbines can be easily removed from the lubrication system, thereby minimizing corrosion and premature wear of equipment, as well as reducing the risk of unplanned repairs.
Prevents rust formation and protects against corrosion of equipment exposed to moisture or water during operation or shutdowns, minimizing maintenance.
The use of highly purified base oils and special additives prevents the aggressive effects of ammonia, minimizes the possibility of oil destruction by soluble and insoluble ammonia compounds formed in it. Shell Turbo Oil T 46 oil reduces the formation of deposits that can reduce the reliability of the bearings and the oil seal system.