Improved synthetic compressor oil designed to provide the best lubrication of rotary vane and screw air compressors. A unique package of highly effective additives provides a high level of performance and excellent protection of compressors operating at pressures over 25 bar and injection air temperatures over 100 °C, with oil change intervals of up to 12,000 hours.


Shell Corena S4 R 46 oil is suitable for single- and two-stage oil-filled compressors or rotary compressors with direct oil injection operating at pressures over 25 bar and air injection temperatures up to 100 °C (including periodic operation in such conditions).
It can be used in conditions of extremely high ambient temperatures, when it is not possible to reduce the oil temperature to normal values.
Shell Corena S4 R 46 is recommended for use in ABB turbochargers installed on low- and medium-speed diesel engines used in land and marine power plants.
Compatibility and miscibility:

Shell Corena S4 R 46 oil is mixed with mineral oils indefinitely, but it must be borne in mind that dilution with mineral oils is significant

reduces operational properties. Do not mix Shell Corena S4 R 46 oils with other synthetic products.

Shell Corena S4 R 46 oil is compatible with all sealing materials that are commonly used when working with mineral oils.


Shell Corena S4 R 46 oil allows you to extend the oil change period up to 12,000 hours (in cases where it is allowed by the equipment manufacturer), even if the discharge operating temperatures reach 100 °C. The long service life of the oil is ensured by the improved formulation of Shell Corena S4 R 46 oil, namely due to:
exceptional resistance to thermal and chemical decomposition;
preventing the formation of deposits on the rotating parts of screw compressors and the grooves of plate compressors, which ensures uninterrupted efficient operation;
maintaining excellent cleanliness of the internal working surfaces, especially the separator and coagulator, due to the low level of sediment formation.
The exact oil change interval depends on the quality of the intake air, operating mode and environmental conditions. In conditions of high humidity and high temperatures (the climate of Asia and the Pacific region), it is recommended to shorten the oil change interval (check the recommendations of equipment manufacturers).
Shell Corena S4 R 46 oil helps to provide effective protection of internal metal surfaces from corrosion and wear. A well-proven package of ash-free anti-wear additives helps to increase the service life of critical parts such as bearings and gearboxes.
Good deaeration and anti-foam properties are critical characteristics of compressor oils that guarantee reliable start-up and uninterrupted operation of equipment. Shell Corena S4 R 46 oil quickly separates air without excessive foaming, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in cyclic operating conditions. Low evaporation and oil removal reduces the need for topping up the oil and improves the quality of the produced air.
In addition, Shell Corena S4 R 46 oil has excellent demulsifying properties to guarantee the smooth operation of compressors even in the presence of water.