Shell Helix HX8 Synthetic 5W-40

Shell Helix HX8 synthetic engine oil protects the engine of a modern car and keeps it clean. This oil helps to prevent the formation of harmful deposits on engine parts, the presence of which can lead to deterioration of the operational characteristics of the unit. Excellent protection against deposits is suitable for all oil change intervals recommended by automakers.

Operational qualities, Distinctive features and Advantages

Unique technology of active detergent additives
Removes impurities formed when using low-quality motor oils
Increases the service life of the engine, providing protection against wear even in the most severe conditions
Provides protection throughout the entire oil change interval
Suitable for all oil change intervals recommended by automakers
Good fluidity for easier cold start and faster engine warm-up
Low oil consumption to reduce the frequency of refilling
It can be used in gasoline, diesel and gas engines of passenger cars, as well as in engines running on biodiesel or a mixture of gasoline and ethanol
The latest gasoline engines, which combine direct injection systems into the cylinders and turbocharging systems, may be subject to premature ignition at low speeds, leading to uncontrolled ignition of fuel.

Specifications, Approvals and Recommendations



· ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4

· MB-Approval 229.3

· VW Standard 502.00, 505.00

· Renault RN 0700, RN 0710

· Meets the requirements of Fiat (FCA) 9.55535-M2