What are the advantages of using synthetic lubricants compared to conventional lubricants?
Synthetic products are produced by chemical reactions in which pressure, temperature and the ratio of the constituent elements are carefully controlled. As a result, a pure mixture with maximum lubricating properties is obtained, which can lead to increased energy efficiency, improved equipment protection, increased equipment reliability and increased oil service life.
What is included in the lubricant?
Lubricants are produced by combining three main components: base oil, thickener and additives.

Base oils are the liquid part of any lubricant and can be mineral, synthetic or any liquid with lubricating properties.

Thickeners can be any materials that, in combination with the base oil, create a structure from solid to semi-liquid.

As in additives to lubricating oils, additives to lubricants and modifiers impart special properties or modify existing ones.
What kind of oil should I pour into the gearbox of the machine?
The oil recommended for imported gearboxes and gear motors from the SHell brand is Omala gear oil, which protects the mechanism from premature wear. The product provides stable and reliable operation of gears of various types.

Various types of this oil are widely used for the lubrication of industrial gearboxes of all types operating in crushers, rolling mills, grinders, separators, extruders, hydraulic presses and other types of machinery. Since these mechanisms operate under extremely high loads, materials with high anti-wear properties are required for their maintenance. Omala gear oils prevent the rapid destruction of the gearbox in conditions of intensive operation. The product is also used for processing bearings under heavy load, lowering bevel gears and straight gears and other parts that need regular lubrication.

Properties of Shell Omala oils

The product was created using a patented technology. The extremely balanced composition prolongs the service life of gear units, regardless of design features. The lubricant is also suitable for the treatment of rolling bearings lubricated by spraying. Corresponds to operating modes where there are temperature differences.

The soft formula reacts neutrally with polymer, composite and rubber compounds, which prolongs the life of O-rings, oil seals. A set of additives increases the useful properties of the product. Additionally, there are components that prevent foaming, sediment formation, and early aging of the lubricant.

The technology that prevents the formation of a water emulsion deserves special mention. The composition removes water entering the chamber, after which it can be easily removed. There is also a component that binds precipitation, dirt and possible contamination that can damage the installation. Thus, all the garbage is collected in one place, which has a positive effect on the cleanliness of the mechanism.

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